Thursday, 3 April 2014

Samsung s5 updates

               New Samsung s5 released on Thursday:

NEW DELHI: Samsung is back with a new flagship Galaxy phone - Galaxy S5. This is going to be the best, most powerful and most feature-rich Galaxy phone for around a year. While we will have the full review of the device in the coming weeks, we checked it out today at the launch event in New Delhi.

Here is what we think of Galaxy S5 based on the brief time we spent with the device:

The first thing you notice about Galaxy S5 is that the glossy plastic cover - much hated by users but much loved by Samsung - found on previous galaxy phones is finally gone. In its place, Samsung is using a back cover made of plastic that has a matte finish and that feels soft - almost like velvet - to the touch. The back cover also has a dotted pattern, but the dots are small. - See more at:


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